Q: When will Unbirth be done.
A: Hopefully Q4 in 2004.

Q: What computer do I need to run Unbirth?
A: You need atleast a P 700mhz, with 128Mb RAM and a GeForce card to run the game. However, to get effects such as bumpmapping you will atleast need a Geforce 3 or Radeon 8500 card.

Q: What makes this game different to other horror games?
A: Unbirth will focus more on adventure than action. This means that enemy encounters will be sparse and more frightning than in your average horrorgame.

Unbirth will also have a very disturbing atmossphere that can be best compared with a David Lynch movie.

Q: Are you really releasing this game for free?
A: Yes.

Q: Were can I download it?
A: Right now, no where. But it will be available from the files section of this website when it is offically released.

Q: How large will the download of the final game be?
A: About 150Mb.

Q: How many hours of gameplay will it feature?
A: Since Unbirth is not a commerical production gameplay it will not be as long as in games you buy. The game will however not be short and feature at least 5 hours of playtime.

Q: How many are working on this game?
A: We are currently 6 people in the team.

Q: Where is the team making Unbirth from?
A: We are spread out all over the world, half the team lives in Sweden though.

Q: Can I become a beta tester?
A: When the beta version of the game is finnished we will start looking for betatesters. An applicationform will be on the website at that time.

Q: What kind of graphic effects can i expect to see in unbirth?
A: The engine that Unbirth is built upon uses realtime lightning and shadows. This means that ll objects casting realistic shadows even if the lightsource is moving and you might get a glimpse of the shadow from an enemy around a corner. The engine also has normalmapping technlogy equal to that of Doom 3(tm) which means that models will have much more detail.

Unbirth will also take advantage of the latest hardware technolgy to make effects like motion blur, glowing and other effects.