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Your entire body hurts as you wake up in the damp basement and your mind is totally blank except for some vague memories of your family.

Dazzled and confused you begin seeking clues to where you are and why, only to find out that you are trapped in a horrible nightmare from which you can't wake up...

Unbirth is a horror adventure that tries to bring tension and excitement through scary and disturbing visuals aswell as an omnious atmosphere. The goal is to give you the most frightening gaming experience ever.

The game is played like an ordinary adventuregame where you examine and interact with the environment. Unlike most adventuregames Unbirth is played from a first peron view and features realtime rendered visuals. There are also dangerous creatues lurking around in the world and from whom the player never is safe.

Some experimental features are also part in Unbirth. These include: no HUD (healthmeter, etc), visual and audiotorial emotion effects and a realistic damage system.

The engine used to render the graphics is called KPB-Engine. It is built from scratch and utilizes next generation technolgy. The most notable features in the engine are: These things will give the player a very realistic experience.

Minimum requirements:
700mhz CPU
128 MB RAM
GeForce / Radeon7500 / Equivalent DX compitable card
DirectX 9

Recomened requirements:
1,2 Ghz CPU
256 MB RAM
GeForce 3 / Radeaon 8500
DirectX 9